Memories of Liberating Dachau and Bill Mauldin–Kay Riecke tells her stories

A young Sam Caudill

LT Sanford Caudill came home with souvenirs–silk maps he used to navigate through Italy, a Nazi banner, a hand-drawn cartoon by Bill Mauldin–and memories. Some good, some not so good. Allen Whitt, from the Museum of the American Military Family, spoke to Kay about her father’s experiences while serving in K Company with the 180th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Division in Europe.

Proud daughter Kay Caudill Riecke

In these audio clips, Rio Rancho resident Kay Riecke describes what her father saw at the infamous Dachau and how he reacted. (Dachau part 2 ). The experience left him a changed man Kay remembers. In fact, it affected the whole family .

An orginal cartoon featuring San Caudill and a friend making a still

Bill Mauldin, the famous WWII cartoonist was a family friend, and Kay remembers how the still cartoon came about. Her father and Bill remained close after the war .


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