A Thought about Veteran’s Day by Joe Condrill, MAMF Brat Liaison

Military Family Friends,
Veteran’s Day is a salute to all of us connected with the military, too!
*If it wasn’t for a veteran or the military, we wouldn’t be here!
*This is one of the days in the year that ‘civilians,’ ‘get part of it’ about our heritage.
*Because of our heritage and upbringing, we also served.
*Quite a few of us have relations that are now serving also. Some of us are veterans, too!
*Veteran’s Day resonates in each of us feelings that are sometimes hard to describe.
*While Veteran’s Day for many is a day off from work, each of us in our own way will take the time to think/reflect about it.
*While November 11 coincides with ending of , ‘The War To End All Wars’ aka World War I, wars/conflicts will always happen.  That means the Military Family will always be around.
And now….a special treat to your Veteran’s Day observance!
There is a one minute commercial Food City created in observance of the 4th of July, but it is especially suited for Veteran’s Day.  No words are spoken…but YOU will understand!
      Happy Veteran’s Day, Military Family Friends!
                         Joe Condrill, Brat Liaison

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